The Board of County Commissioners will be presented with a list of prioritized capital projects in July 2011. They have a very large list of projects waiting to be completed. In January the BOCC established a set of criteria to evaluate and rank these projects. They asked their staff to conduct this process. July is when they will be presented with their votes. It seems that most of the BOCC is in favor with the exception of Commissioner Cogdell, email him at to voice support . They also stated that a major part of the criteria is the presence of a public/private partnership. We have struggled to date to get people serious about donating to the park due to their concern for it actually happening. THIS WILL CHANGE TODAY. In July we need to come back to them with capital commitments.

RBC, Wells Fargo, who agreed to extend the clause did it for one reason. Because they want the park built. Not to kick the can. They only granted a 12 month extension. This will take the deadline back to Q4 2012. In order to meet this deadline the parks physical construction would have to begin by Q3-Q4 2011.

We also need more support. . if we could get a fraction to come to the next meeting to show your support, we feel that would go along way. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!!!!

Partners For Parks will be starting a fund for the Park with a specific campaign that will target this park. To find out how you can help or if you are interested in contributing, please call Ryan Johnston at 704.904.0855 or email