Mr. Rogers had a way of making everyone come together and be a community — just like Open Streets 704! And while Mr. Rogers put on comfortable shoes and a cardigan sweater, Open Streets 704 invites you to put on your walking shoes and join us when the streets are OPEN, on April 28, 1 – 5 p.m. It’s a great time to come together and meet your neighbors in a healthy, friendly way.

We also want to be your friend.

Announcing the new Friends of Open Streets program. It’s for everyone who has enjoyed our area’s largest FREE, family-friendly event and wants to see it continue each fall and spring!

It takes hundreds of volunteers and great teamwork with our public safety partners to make sure every Open Streets 704 stays fun and FREE. How can you be our friend?

For a $50 tax-deductible donation, you can become a Friend of Open Streets. When you’re a Friend of Open Streets, you have access to our VIP after-party each fall and spring, discounts from businesses along the route all year long, and our cool sticker.

“People who have enjoyed Open Streets 704 and want to see it continue, can make sure it happens,” says Eleanor Shell, Director of Development for Partners for Parks, the non-profit group which funds Open Streets 704.

Shell says each Open Streets 704 costs approximately $60,000 to stage, which pays for police, traffic control, barricades, trash pick-up, and portable bathrooms — to name a few. Thousands of hours of services are also donated by volunteers, city and county agencies, and non-profits who organize logistics and put on the event.

“We’re grateful for all of the donations and sponsors who make this great event happen,” adds Shell. She says Friends of Open Streets is another way to keep the event fun and free each fall and spring. “It’s a great way to support our Open Streets events, and to be supportive and engaged.”

“We’re always excited about Open Streets 704,” says Al Brown, treasurer of Partners for Parks. “And the Spring event is bigger and better every year. It has more energy and is more fun every time.” Brown hopes the public continues to support Open Streets 704 by taking part each spring, and becoming Friends of Open Streets.

Ready? Sign up here:

Brown believes making more Friends will educate our neighbors about the great work Partners for Parks is doing on behalf of local parks and recreational areas in Mecklenburg County.

“This extends the opportunity to people who enjoy Open Streets 704 to be partners with Partners for Parks,” says Brown. “It’s an opportunity for the average individual to support a great event.”

So, neighbor, why not be our friend, too?


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