Partners for Parks aims to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Mecklenburg County and the surrounding region by preserving, promoting and enhancing the parks, greenways, open spaces, active play and recreational opportunities within our community.

Who We Are

Partners for Parks is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. In Mecklenburg County, we partner with the Park & Recreation Department which preserves and maintains over 200+ parks and facilities covering almost 20,000 acres of parkland. Partners for Parks strives to sustain the legacy of recreation by providing a safe place to raise funds – offering grant assistance to area organizations. We also facilitate community outreach and education to bolster the trails, the parks, the playgrounds, the recreation centers and the natural areas saved and created. Our goal is Breathing Life Into Our Community and ultimately enhance the gifts of beauty and quality of life for the people in our region.

Since its establishment in 1996, Partners for Parks has been an integral advocate for promoting and enhancing parks, greenways, open spaces, active play and recreation. Our Board of Directors oversees community-centric projects from memorial park benches and newly planted trees to new structures that grace the trails and greenways of Mecklenburg County. Each year, we work with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation staff to host exciting recreational programs and events that bring our citizens together to support community causes. One example is the Hats Off to Parks event that raised funds to build a new playground at Park Road Park to honor those who lost their lives in the Newtown, CT tragedy – the construction / build was completed in October 2014.

The beauty you see in the parks and projects throughout the county are the outward expression of our work, the fruits of our labor. You can see those efforts through the smiling faces of children on the Reedy Creek Nature Playground or along the Liz Hair Nature Walk where members of our community enjoy the outdoors via the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

For us, each park and project is a legacy we leave behind for future generations. Each effort is an investment in the natural beauty of our region. Partners for Parks is the pathway to a healthier and more livable and natural future that encourages all residents of our region to experience the joy of parks, nature and recreation.

What We Do

Partners for Parks works with many community groups who are interested in funding parks and recreation programs as well as park capital improvements in the Charlotte region.

We mainly partner with Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department as a fundraising liaison, working with various neighborhood and citizens groups to enhance the county park and recreation programs and structures.

Partners for parks has provided $400,000+ for kids summer camp program scholarships in the last 20 years.

Built playgrounds in Fourth Ward and William R. Davie Parks. Provided all funds to construct a “Nature Play” playground at the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve.

Frequently fund various advocacy events for Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation.

Major funder for inner city playground at Lincoln Heights.

Fund landscaping projects at several park locations.

Fund several master planning projects for parks and greenways.

Worked with the group to provide funding for the Liz Hair Nature Walk.

Provided funding to build a garden with statuary on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

Provide funds for environmental programs and projects in the parks.

Provide an opportunity to plant trees or install benches as memorials in the parks.

Built a picnic shelter on the South Park Campus of Mecklenburg County schools.

Major funder towards Race Playce, Charlotte’s first ADA accessible park.

Provided funds to build fences at two dog parks.

Major funder for improving golf course to developing junior golf program at Revolution Park.

Purchased and donated to Mecklenburg County the first handicapped golf cart in the county park system.

Provided funding for the Dive Tower at the Town of Huntersville’s new recreation center.

Signed contract and provided funding to purchase the American
Freedom Bell that is located at the Mecklenburg County Museum of History